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Severe Weather

What is the Difference Between Government and Private Sector Meteorology?

While everyone can get a local forecast or a storm warning from the taxpayer-supported National Weather Service, for some that is not enough. For them, private sector weather companies are the answer. This article explains some of the differences. ...(more)

How Many Types of Tornadoes Exist?

While all tornadoes are dangerous, some tornadoes are capable of causing incredible damage. This article will explain the types of tornadoes and which are the most dangerous. ...(more)

What Causes Freezing Rain?

Freezing rain is infrequent in the United States. This article explains how it forms and how to know if it is time to prepare before an ice storm arrives. ...(more)

Things We Should Have Learned From Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was a highly unusual storm with lessons for meteorologists, politicians, and the public-at-large. ...(more)


Warm Fronts Can Bring Unstable Weather

After days of cold, rainy weather, it is easy to long for something new. Warm weather generally makes people more cheery. In states where harsh winters are the rule, spring cannot come quickly enough. The increase in temperature is all it takes for flowers to bloom, grass to green, and the air to become refreshing....(more)

Calculating the Heat Index

While many people see the heat index on the news station's weather report and take into consideration what it is telling them, few actually know what goes into selecting that index. There is a lot of science involved with the heat index, and all the information that is used during the process helps to come up with an accurate reading. Although it may seem confusing, it makes a lot more sense after you understand what exactly goes into the process used to calculate the heat index....(more)

What Poems Depict the Fall Weather?

Poetry is an aesthetic way to depict things in nature. As the seasons change, beautiful transitions occur with the weather. For thousands of years these patterns between the seasons remain constant. Helen Hunt Jackson is an author that describes such events along with other political activism....(more)


What is a Thunderstorm?

Thunderstorms occur in every one of the fifty states and they pose a number of hazards. This article describes those hazards and how to keep yourself safe. ...(more)

Should You Take Shelter From a Tornado Under an Overpass?

There is a misimpression, largely due to the media, that an underpass is a safe shelter during a tornado. This article explains correct tornado safety in a rural area. ...(more)

Winter is Coming: 8 Cold Weather Safety Tips

Freezing temperatures bring all types of challenges and hazards. Here are eight tips to help keep you, and your pets, safe. ...(more)